About that book signing in Three Rivers

Nice afternoon. Nice place. Interesting authors. Low attendance. Good practice.

I didn’t realize there would be a schedule for each of us to do a reading.

Reading?? Ummm, did anyone notice that my book is a picture book?

Think fast, Central California Artist!  I just said that I am an artist, not an author and The Cabins of Wilsonia is a picture book. I showed a few pages, told of the idea behind the book which is to present a realistic look at cabin life today, told about getting people to talk about their current cabin experiences, read my favorite quote in the book, and then I read the conclusion.

The other authors were so kind, and asked interested questions. We had great conversations all afternoon among the 5 of us and the visitors. It was a privilege to hang out with the big boys and girls!

Next time I’ll take my camera so you can see what a nice place it was. (I might take some knitting too.)

Book Signing in Three Rivers

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, from 3-6 p.m. there will be a book signing at the Three Rivers Historical Museum.

It began as an event with 2 authors (I am an artist, not an author, but you get the idea?) Now there will be 5 of us with our books. They are Louise Jackson (a dear friend, fellow Mineral King cabin owner, historian and accomplished writer), Shirley Ross (don’t know her), Betty Luceigh (a poet), and Bill Clark (nice man, don’t know what he has written.)

Have you ever been to the Three Rivers Historical Museum? It is a very fine location.

I plan to set up outside on the patio by the fountain and pond. This will give me a nice view of the backside of Paul Bunyan.


Guess you’ll have to come!

The Three Rivers Historical Museum is across the street and downstream of Reimer’s, AKA “the candy store”. If you are heading up the hill, it is on your right before you get to the candy store. Paul Bunyan, a giant redwood statue carved by Carroll Barnes stands guard in front.

See you there?

P.S. I will have The Cabins of Wilsonia, along with some of the original drawings (a few in frames). If you buy from me on Saturday, the most deserving Historical Museum gets a %, which I am happy to share with them.


In Visalia, the county seat of Visalia, is an art group called, appropriately, the “Arts Consortium”. I recently became a member, because they are active in promoting the arts and seem to get results.

Upon joining, artist are allowed to make a page in their Artist Directory. The link to my page is here (will open in a new page).

The Arts Consortium is sponsoring a juried show to hang at the Visalia Convention Center for 2 months. “Juried” means that the artists submit a certain number of pieces, and a juror decides which pieces are in the show. The decision is usually based on the available space, the number of artists who submitted pieces, and perhaps a theme of the show.

When entering such a show, there are forms to be filled out, descriptions to be written, lists to be made, questions to answer, computer pages to be deciphered. It’s a hassle. If there is no fee and there are sales, it feels worth it to me. The group sponsoring a show ALWAYS takes a percentage of sales, but that’s fair.

I met all the requirements, entered the allowed 10 pieces, 5 of which were drawings of Wilsonia cabins.

Two paintings and one drawing were accepted.

Flagged Cabin #1

I’ve titled this piece for the show “Flagged Cabin #1″. It is matted and framed to 11×14″ and is priced at $250. I’ll keep you posted as to the details of the show when I actually know some.

Protecting people’s privacy was important to me as I compiled the book, so I will continue with that even in this blog. No names or addresses. Just a simple and beautiful cabin, drawn in pencil. Do you know which lane it is on in Wilsonia? 

To Frame or Not To Frame


272 pencil drawings are a lot to frame, so I’ve only been selling them unframed.

Framing is tricky business. People may not like the frame choice, the mat size, the mat color, or even the mat style. Mats can get fancier than the art if one is not careful, and that would overpower the simplicity of pencil very quickly.

However, I have several events coming this spring, two that involve The Cabins of Wilsonia. 

  1. A book signing in Three Rivers at the Historical Museum with my good friend and local historian/author Louise Jackson. Seems to me that a few framed originals will enhance our display.
  2. A show at the Visalia Convention Center. It is a juried show, which means someone decides which pieces are in and which are not. This is a little nerve-wracking, but it is part of the business of art. I will enter 5 of the Wilsonia drawings, the ones that really stand out to me as exceptional (So how do you choose your favorite children??) Ahem. These are drawings that I am proud of and already had frames and mats to fit.

Doesn’t it feel good to tell the truth?

You can see the latest ones added to my website on this page: Original Wilsonia Drawings. If you use the Sort by newness button, you will see the latest ones.

Here is a sneak peek. However, if you have a copy of the book, you will have already seen this. This version is enhanced. If I had printed the book with this sort of enhancement, the price would have tripled! It would have looked mighty fine, but I took price into consideration when making those decisions.

Flagged Cabin #1

Flagged Cabin #1, framed and matted to 11×14, $250

How To Buy The Cabins of Wilsonia Book



marmot_edited-1Technology is still confounding me. If it confounds you and you are unable or unwilling to order the book on Amazon, here are 3 other options for you:

  1. mail a check for $85 to me at P.O. Box 311, Three Rivers, CA 93271
  2. send $85 via Paypal to “cabinart 06 at sbcglobal dot net” (have to write it that way so that the spammers don’t come wreck this eddress too) along with your mailing address
  3. run into me somewhere in real life and hand me $80 cash or a check for $81 and I’ll hand you the book (no mailing costs makes it cheaper in person and paying $80 in cash probably means no change will be necessary)

Any questions?

(I have lots of questions: How do I get the internet to work with the old desktop computer? Why did my printer stop working with the laptop? Why won’t my easy eddress work anymore? Will there ever be a time when everything works? That would be A-MAY-ZING.)

A Typo Psycho Takes a Personal Hit





The Cabins of Wilsonia, available on Amazon

I hate and despise typographical errors. They pop up EVERYWHERE, and strike me between the eyes in library books, menus, signs, business cards, and websites. It isn’t always that people are typing wrong; it seems that fewer people notice or care about spelling.

It isn’t possible to successfully proofread one’s own writing or typing, because one knows what one meant to write and thus, that is what one sees. By “one”, I mean me.

So, I enlisted the help of 3 other readers. Four of us proofread The Cabins of Wilsonia. All four of us are vigilant about typos. I felt very very certain that my book would be the exception to the current sloppy way that things are printed.

My mom has been reading The Cabins of Wilsonia.  She asked me if there is a prize for finding a typo.

I was gobsmacked, stunned, and horrified when she pointed out one to me. It was bound to happen, and I find it fun that my very own mama found it.

She showed me the word. I typed the book. I know how to spell. That word was mis-typed and misspelled. It is a true typographical error.

A foul word may have escaped my lips. Then we laughed and laughed and laughed.

I am my mother’s daughter. We are typo psychos! I am also my father’s daughter. He often said, “It is better to laugh than to cry.”

The Cabins of Wilsonia is Now on Amazon!!

Now there are several options to buy a copy of The Cabins of Wilsonia.

After spending most of a day with a fantastic technician from AT&T, I have good internet speed for the first time ever. This means I was able to actually load Amazon for a change. It also means I was able to list my book for sale on Amazon!


The Cabins of Wilsonia on Amazon

Isn’t technology simply amazing when it works??

I’m thrilled. Simply thrilled! (doesn’t take much in my simple life)

Next, perhaps I’ll get a review or two. Perhaps I’ll even figure out how to put a description in for the book, or show a few interior pages. It’s all supposed to be so simple.

One thing at a time. Let’s not overwhelm the simple pencil artist who lives in a cabin without electricity for a good portion of her life.

Simple is the word of the day here.

A List Mostly Pertaining to The Cabins of Wilsonia Book


  1. There are many many boxes of The Cabins of Wilsonia in my workshop and house.
  2. Perhaps 1/5 of them now have cover stickers applied.
  3. The boxes weigh 31 pounds each.
  4. The boxes contain 11 books each.
  5. My husband and I each keep a sample book and a few to sell in our vehicles.
  6. The local paper in Three Rivers, The Kaweah Commonwealth wrote a nice (mostly) factual article about The Cabins of Wilsonia for last Friday’s paper.
  7. Many of the folks who received their copy have written or called or emailed me to express their happiness at the quality of the book.
  8. #7 makes me really happy!
  9. Eventually, when AT&T stops messing around and my internet is more reliable and the speed that I am paying for, THEN perhaps I’ll be able to figure out how to put the book on Amazon. Update: I put the book on Amazon but no matter what I try, it doesn’t come up on Amazon. I emailed for help and didn’t hear back; I think my email is also not working. 
  10. I started a new drawing just because I can.
  11. I’m painting an indoor mural in Visalia. You can read about it and follow the progress here. That’s my new website!

It’s Complicated


 Remember in the olden days before computers were common? The idea was that computers would simplify our lives, making everything instant and easy and paperless.

Have you fallen over laughing? Or are you banging your head on the wall?

What does this have to do with The Cabins of Wilsonia?

The book is for sale. You can buy it from me in person, use Paypal through this blog (that button that says Add to Cart), or mail me a check. You can even email me using the contact thing at the top of this blog and we’ll work out something.

But why isn’t it on Amazon yet?

Because it is complicated.

I’ll eventually get it there, but since I’ve been rebuilding my main website since October, I’m kind of tired of messing around on the computer.

Simplify our lives? Hahahahahahaha!

Happy to provide a laugh for you today. 8-)

First Saturday Three Rivers

News flash – out of propane, dress warmly on Saturday for visiting my studio!

The first Saturday of each month is a special day in Three Rivers, California. Stores have specials, and artists open their studios.

My studio will be open on Saturday, January 3, 2015. (That’s the first time I’ve written that year!)

It will be a good time for you to get your copy of The Cabins of Wilsonia!

Hmmm, I see that the title of this first Saturday is “Let It Snow”. It just might!

P.S. I don’t accept credit or debit cards. Cash and checks are fine.

First Saturday January