Words From the Book Printer


Feeling antsy, anxious, and many other sorts of nervous and negative emotions, I emailed the printer’s “customer service” representative to inquire about the upcoming book, The Cabins of Wilsonia.


Multiple rows of knitting later (I don’t smoke or bite my nails), I received this response:

I apologize for the delayed response.

 I contacted our Purchasing dept for shipment details.  It turns out that your books have not shipped yet.  All we know at this time is that due to mechanical problems with their binding line they were unable to bind and case bound books for 4 days.  It sounds like they are up and running again and are prioritizing the backlog of work.  Our Purchasing guy is doing what he can to get firm details on when your books will be able to ship.

I know this is very distressing news.  I’ve made it very clear to everyone on how important it is to get books shipped. We are doing everything we can to work with the binder to get them shipped as soon as possible.

Don’t you feel reassured? I think she meant to say “any case bound” rather than “and case bound”. I bet she is a bit anxious and nervous every time my name pops up in her in-box.

Excuse me. I need to return to my knitting.

Something Tangible!


The decals for the cover of the book have arrived and they look WONDERFUL!

Sorry, you’ll just have to wait until the book is here to see them. I’m just so doggone mean about that kind of thing. At least you know that I can keep a secret. 8-)

Now, if a truck with 2 pallets of books would just arrive, maybe I could sleep through the night without bad book dreams.

The Cabins of Wilsonia IS coming soon, I just know it!

Meanwhile, I’ve been messing around with the look of this blog. It’s just nervous fidgeting.

2 News Items About The Cabins of Wilsonia Book


Are you wondering why I have been silent? Easy answer – I had nothing to report.

Now I have 2 things to tell you and one reminder.

1. The book printer agreed to have the book binder ship directly to me. The proposed date of arrival at my studio is November 21. Time will tell. . .

2. The book printer is sending me the cover sticker. According to UPS tracking, it will be at my studio on Wednesday, November 12.

After the books arrive, I will order shipping boxes and then will apply the cover stickers and sign books and ship to those of you who pre-ordered, Lord willing and the creek, et cetera. . .

Nope, you don’t get to see what it looks like until it is in your hands! Maybe I will post a picture of one on this blog, but I think it will be more fun for you if you first see it when you open your box. (I don’t know about you, but I certainly could use a little fun around here!)

The reminder: The early bird price of $70, including tax and mailing, is good until November 19. You can mail a check made out to Cabin Art, P.O. Box 311, Three Rivers, CA 93271 or use the Paypal button here and your Paypal account.

While We Are Waiting


I got word on the upcoming book The Cabins of Wilsonia, but until I see it, I don’t feel confident about it. As it gets closer or if there is confirmation of something, then I will let you know. 

Meanwhile, back at the drawing board, a cabin owner wasn’t thrilled with the way her cabin will appear in the book. She timidly asked a few questions, because she is kind that way, and I told her that I can redraw it for her any way she would like. Being sweet, she said, “I don’t want to add to your work.” I said, “That’s how I earn my living!!” We laughed, and then she said she would like me to redraw the cabin for her. (This is called a “commission”.)

I took many photos, we had some conversations to clarify details, and here is both the first and the second drawing of her cabin.

cabin pencil drawing

As it appears in the book

cabin pencil drawing

As she requested it

I completely understand. People like to see their cabins as they envision them. For the book, I showed cabins in part, occasionally in whole, and with many details. This involved cropping. If every page showed one cabin in its entirety, the book would be boring.

Trust me on this. I am a professional. 8-)

Book Report


Sometimes, no matter how much planning is done, no matter how many assurances are given, things don’t go right.

The printer said it would take about 6 weeks to produce the books, so when I sent the final product off on July 18, it seemed reasonable to expect that we’d have The Cabins of Wilsonia in hand by mid September.

After receiving the book, the printer told me that they cannot bind my book and will have to send it to an outside source for that very important step. That added some time, but they could not tell me how much longer.

A few weeks ago, the printer notified me that the outside binder will not have the books finished until November 19. The printer needs to do one final step before shipping them to me, and then it will be a minimum of 5 days in a truck before the book arrive in Three Rivers.

My idea is to ask for the binder to ship directly to me and allow me to complete that final step. If they agree, that should put the book in your hands around Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, I don’t know when the books will be ready or in your hands. All I can offer is one of my favorite cliches:  “More will be revealed in the fullness of time.”

The good news is that I have reinstated the early bird price of $70, which includes tax and shipping. This price will be good until November 19. If you would like to pre-order a copy of the book, the check can be made out to Cabinart and mailed to P.O. Box 311, Three Rivers, CA 93271.

When things don’t go my way, I often reassure myself that no one died and no one got cancer. Thank you for your kind patience and please administer dark chocolate.

Preorder your copy of The Cabins of Wilsonia using Paypal via this Add to Cart button:

An Idea


I have an idea. The next obstacle is getting the so-far-not-very-cooperative printer to cooperate. It could shave 2 weeks off the process, if they are flexible.

I’ve given up on the private jet rescue scenario. This one is realistic, but depends on a non-service oriented company working harder to please one very unhappy customer.

Ahem. That would be me.

Don’t worry. I have been and will continue to be professional and polite even in the face of their incompetence.

And no, they do not read this blog. My project is not of very much significance to them. However, it is of supreme importance to me and I am doing all that I can to get those books to my customers!!

Do you have any idea how much restraint it took to not shout that last sentence?

Book Report


On Monday, September 29, the book printer’s customer service representative sent me this message:

I have some distressing news regarding the schedule for these books.  The soonest the outside binder can get books completed and back to us is November 19.   We’ve been working with them for the past week to get a better date. They did pull it in from 11-24, but their workload is extremely heavy and that’s the best they can do.  It’s that time of year for all book manufacturers.   They did tell us that they will stay on top of it and move it in more if space should open up.  We’ll stay on them with weekly checks.

I’m really sorry.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear.  If there was anything I could do, I would most definitely be right on it.  I know how very important this is to you.

And now you know what I know.

Please excuse me for a while. I need to go smash something.

A Few More Quilt Squares As a Means of Distraction


The Wilsonia quilters have about 25 painted quilt squares hanging around the community.

I showed you about 10 or 12 so far. Here are the final 3 to distract you as we all hang around wondering when The Cabins of Wilsonia will arrive.

painted quilt square

The colors are not true here. It is actually purple and teal, and teal is my FAVORITE color. So, as much as I love blue, I’m sorry you cannot see the accurate colors of this square. It was the first one I saw on my last visit, courtesy of my hostess.

painted quilt square

I can’t believe I missed this one on my travels! (Thank you, Gus for taking these 2 photos for me.)

painted quilt square

I want to sit beneath this square (diamond?) and knit. The originator of this square and owner of this cabin has a wonderful sense of style!

NOW is the book almost here??

Waiting for Wilsonia Wearing Worrying Wondering

Wilsonia cabin drawing

This cabin looks worn out. I thought it belonged to the Park Service, because many of the neglected cabins do. It doesn’t. It is in some sort of family dispute.

I am in some sort of delivery dispute. The book The Cabins of Wilsonia WILL be delivered, but no one can say when.

Here is what I’ve been told:

1. It went on the press on the night of September 11. (Don’t know how long on the press)

2. It will go to an outside binder, but no one can say how long that company will take. No one is saying where that company is, so there is no information about shipping to and from them either.

3. There will be work done to finish up the cover back at the printer. No one is saying how long that will take.

4. It will take about 5 days in a truck after that.

I spent 3 years making something, and then turned it over to strangers far away who will turn it over to other strangers even further away. I don’t remember the stress, angst, and flat out anxiety of this part from my other book. But, my other book was printed in California, it only took a year to do, and I had a partner to share the burden with.

Am I beginning to look like the cabin in the drawing above? Don’t answer that, please!